About Us

The Lame Duck T-Shirt Company is not just any other T-Shirt Company. We are artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and parents. Native to Chicago, we understand the needs of our customer are as important as a handshake.  With no setup costs or minimums, we are easy to work with. From team sports, family reunions to churches and corporate events, we have you covered.

Do you have a little artist in the family? Bring their masterpiece to life and transpose it onto a mug, t-shirt, poster, pillow, onesies or dozens of other options and products. All this comes without the 2-month wait time.

Our experience is simple!  Who has time for a process!
  • Contact us to go over your idea.  Seriously, call us.....
  • We will bring your idea to life
  • Upon your approval, we will upload the finished product or collection to our customer portal AND send you a link so you and your party can purchase the item.
  • Your item is sent directly to your home or the address you set up during check out.  Amazon Pay, Credit card and Paypal accepted.